Vineyard Hand

Date: 18-Jun-2022

Location: Pipers River, Australia

Company: Accolade Wines

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Accolade Wines is the world’s leading provider of New World premium, commercial and value wines – our Hardys brand is the most powerful Australian wine brand in the world! We sell our wines in over 100 countries and have more than 1,500 dedicated employees in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa and … we make some of the world’s best known brands!

Role Details

The  Vineyard Hand ensures the quality of vines, under the direction of the Vineyard Operations Manager and Viticulture team.
The Vineyard Hand carries out specific allocated tasks, throughout the vineyard, as directed by the Vineyard Operations Manager in compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Your Key Accountabilities

  • Irrigation maintenance – checking and repair of drip line, mains and submenus, injection of acid, fertiliser and other products as required
  • Irrigation application – liaising with Vineyard Operations Manager on the water requirements of the vineyard and operation of the automatic or computer system controllers
  • Hand pruning – using secateurs and loppers, undertake cane pruning, pulling our roll and rolling on of canes.
  • Mechanical pruning and trimming – competence in the use of various pruning and trimming machinery
  • Canopy management – perform shoot thinning and disbudding
  • Wire lifting – complete wire lifting passes as required.
  • Trellis maintenance – repair and maintain the trellis posts and wire in good order.
  • Pest and disease monitoring where required
  • Spraying fungicide and insecticides on the vines as directed
  • Weed control – spraying herbicide as directed
  • Harvester operation – participate in the annual harvest as required
  • Manual harvesting – hand picking of grapes where required, bucket/crate-lifting and loading onto transport
  • Crop estimation – bunch thinning and maturity sampling

Other Accountabilities Include

  • Other tasks as reasonably required
  • Comply with all SEQ policies and procedures

Your Knowledge and Skills

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to follow direction
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision

Essential Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a Vineyard Hand (except for appointment at Grade 1)

Physical and Other Requirements

  • Chemical Users certificate or equivalent

Our Company Values

Accolade Wines will provide you with the ideal climate and a hand-picked rewards package for you to make a difference in our successful and growing business.

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